Fast Eddy’s “3 of the best!”

July 20th/21st – North Wales

Fast Eddy Racing are pleased to announce a new event with a new format at a new venue that is arriving in North wales on the 20th/21st July 2019. The “A” team of Fast Eddy, Tom Sagar and Mr Pete, will create a new weekend of fun. Catering for both youth and adult riders, 3 of the best means riders can enjoy a weekend of full action with three separate events.

Fast Eddy and the “A” Team, Tom Sagar and Mr Pete!

Starting off on Saturday with a mini time card enduro for both youth and adult riders this will then be followed by a prologue style event on Saturday late afternoon where riders go head to head similar to the world championship format. The viewing will be  fantastic with all the track being visible for spectators and fellow riders.

There will be a marquee on Saturday evening with entertainment and the prize giving for Saturday’s events.

Moving on to Sunday there will be a traditional format of two XC events, one for youth riders (one and a quarter hours) and one for adult riders (two hours).

This will be a great weekend allowing riders to pick and choose what events they wish to ride. It is also a great bonus for the youth riders as they can enter all of the events on offer during this weekend. Yet again it will be affordable for everyone wanting to make a weekend of it with prices being sensible for all three events with a discount for those wishing to enter them all.

The prices are:

Saturday Time card – £60 per rider

Saturday Prologue – £20 per rider

Sunday XC – Youth riders £35 & Adult riders £45

ALL weekend (all 3 events) – Adults £100 & Youth £90

Entries will be open on 1st June so to take part in this great value multi event weekend, at a great venue, with friendly company and super competitions get the date in your diary and get signed up!

For more information about this event and the entry form (from 1st June) please check back here!

Fast Eddy Championship Round 2

LLwydiarth Hall, Llanfyllin, 21st April 2019

Report and Pictures by Tilde Tighe

The Fast Eddy Club Championships continued on Sunday with Round 2 located a brand-new venue called Llwydiarth Hall near to Llanfyllin. The track provided a long lap with rolling hills and flat-out straights alongside a tricky stream section put in by the experienced Fast Eddy team, which, with the glorious weather, made for an excellent day of racing.

Race winner, Bradley Price

The day began with the Youth race at 9:30 prompt where 4 classes lined up ready to take on the 1 hour and 20 minute race in the already blazing sun. The BW 85-150cc class saw some very competitive racing, but it was clear from the beginning that this was Bradley Price’s race as he maintained the lead throughout to finish 1 lap ahead with the fastest lap time of the race. Morgan Williams challenged Price all morning to take a well-earned second place, with Jack Sandland in third.

The SW 85cc class was the largest of the four and kept everyone on their toes as the top five swapped places multiple times throughout the race, meaning that no one was guaranteed a podium place unless they really put in the work. Although Freestyle Husqvarna team rider Rhydian Rees was first off the line and took the holeshot, it was Freestyle teammate Endaf Hughes that battled him for the lead and kept it for the majority of the race. It was well-deserved too, as everyone could see how fast he was and his ability to tackle obstacles such as the stream section set him in good stead for his win. Despite some switching of places throughout, Hughes was followed closely by Callum Millward who finished in second place, and Antonio Taylor who took third.

Despite the challenging nature of the new track, the 65cc class performed impressively and it was Jayden Jones who came out on top, setting some lap times which even put him alongside some riders in the BW 85-150cc class! William Barnett came second and Huw Griffiths placed third, both having put in their all to finish on the podium alongside Jones. The 2-man auto class also tackled the new track, with some help from Paul Edmondson who had made them an Auto loop, allowing them to get around that bit easier with Harry Jordan first and Selbie Crump second.

11am saw the start of the Adult race with a busy start line as everyone was excited to see what the new venue had to offer them. They were met with even muddier ruts coming out of the stream sections thanks to the race before them, and even longer straights and hills, much to their delight- some riders even commented that it was that fast, they needed seven gears on their bike!

Henry Yardley

The Expert class saw a lineup of 8 talented riders, which from the outset made for an exciting race. Despite this, Henry Yardley dominated the race, unbothered by the pressures of the other Expert riders to win overall on 15 laps, a remarkable feat. However, as the race progressed Ricky Wiggins was catching him up, until he lost his front light, plate and transponder halfway through, meaning that he lost some time but still managed to achieve second place. Third place went to Cole Cookland who had a consistent ride, followed by Jack Ditchfield in fourth and Charlie Chater in fifth. James Palmer was also working his way up through the ranks until he was forced to retire, not wanting to risk injury and jeopardise his British championship.

Jacob James

The Clubman 2T class was much the same as the first round, fought over by Jacob and Adam James, with Jacob starting in front but Adam then leading most of the race. Though Adam James took the win at Round 1, it was Jake who came back fighting and won the class down to pit stops, where he was able to overtake his brother and finish in front. However, Geraint Jones posed a threat to the brothers finishing not far behind Adam to place third. Ethan Pugh gave an impressive ride to achieve the win in the Clubman 4T class, though it was not given up easily by Archie Collier who was leading for a while, followed by Ben Key in second and Collier who ended the race in third place.

Chris Wagstaff

It was an exciting race for the Vets A and B and Over 50 classes who made up the majority of the competitors. With the Over 50’s, Alan Vissian was a good winner but second and third between Shaun James and Andy Harvey went down to the final splash and dash with Andy leaving the pits first and Shaun hot on his heels and able to take him on the last lap for second overall with Andy third. Vets A saw only one competitor, Chris Wagstaff, but he was still competing against Vets B where Kieran Jordan took the win by far with Simon Howden a lap behind in second and Guy Graham in third.

Kieran Jordan

The Youth B class was also a very busy race and Doug Lote didn’t get the best of starts but managed to work his way up to the top spot. He battled all race with Sam Hughes, again with pit stops being the key to the overall in class. Freestyle rider Sion Evans rode extremely well too to round off the top 3. The Sportsman class was also hotly contested but it was Roy Broomfield who came out on top, followed by Hayden Clarke and Robbo White. Alex Clarke claimed success in the Novice class, with Joe Ormsby taking second and Matt Whitehead behind in third.

The club championships continue with Round 3 in two weeks time with a return to this brilliant venue with a completely new track layout. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about Llwydiarth Hall as there is more to come from this venue!


Kids Race:

BW 85-150cc

  1. Bradley Price
  2. Morgan Williams
  3. Jack Sandland

SW 85cc

  1. Endaf Hughes
  2. Callum Millward
  3. Antonio Taylor


  1. Jayden Jones
  2. William Barnett
  3. Huw Griffiths


  1. Harry Jordan
  2. Selbie Crump

Adults Race:


  1. Henry Yardley
  2. Ricky Wiggins
  3. Cole Cookland

Clubman 2T

  1. Jacob James
  2. Adam James
  3. Geraint Jones

Clubman 4T

  1. Ethan Pugh
  2. Ben Key
  3. Archie Collier

Vets A

  1. Chris Wagstaff

Vets B

  1. Kieran Jordan
  2. Simon Howden
  3. Guy Graham

Over 50’s

  1. Alan Vissian
  2. Shaun James
  3. Andy Harvey

Youth B

  1. Doug Lote
  2. Sam Hughes
  3. Sion Evans


  1. Roy Broomfield
  2. Hayden Clarke
  3. Robbo White


  1. Alex Clarke
  2. Joe Ormsby
  3. Matt Whitehead

ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship Rd 1 & Fast Eddy Club Championship Rd 1 – ‘The Joe Edge Memorial Meeting’

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st March at Bicton Farm, Shrewsbury

Report by Vanessa and Tilde Tighe, Images by Tilde Tighe

Sherco Factory Racing rider Jack Edmondson won seven of the eight tests to take a convincing win in Championship class at the opening round of the 2019 ACU British Sprint Enduro, which kicked off at Bicton Farm in Shrewsbury last Saturday. After his win, Jack Edmondson stated that he felt pretty comfortable on the bike even though the track was very challenging.

Bicton Farm provided a cracking course with a single special test, including the two usual fields, the woods and the addition of the bottom field that runs alongside the River Severn, which really opened up the venue. It was clear that a considerable amount of work had been put in by the Fast Eddy team and Matt, the Farm owner, to get the track into prime condition and with sunshine on Saturday and Sunday remaining dry, the ground was perfect for racing.

The opening sprint at Bicton Farm always attract top quality riders across all classes and this season was no exception with five factory Sherco riders in the Championship class alone.

Hamish MacDonald

Jack Edmondson set fast times on the first three runs but faced stiff competition from Tom Ellwood, who managed to take the lead on test four.  Edmondson responded to the challenge and got faster on each sprint to take the win with a 15 second margin over Ellwood and his first British Championship round win on the Sherco.  Factory Sherco team mate Hamish MacDonald, hot off his success at the first World round In Germany, also had a good ride and improved on his times on each successive test to take third place.  Alex Walton took fourth ahead of Mark Roberts in fifth.

The biggest entry came in the Clubman class and saw some very competitive riding.  Saul Hirst set the bar early on but was challenged by James Palmer, who was hot on his heels and took five of the eight tests for a resounding win, amassing a 33 second lead overall from Hirst in second place.  George Yardley was also in the mix, never far behind the leading pair and was rewarded with third place.

Eight seconds separated the top three in the Expert class with Charlie Chater narrowly missing out on the top spot after losing five seconds on test three, allowing Jack Teale to take the win.  Max Ditchfield rounded out the top three.  There were just two representatives in the Ladies class; Ellie Cooke and Gemma Holtham. Cooke took the win although Holtham made her work for it after leading the first two tests.

Tobias Sammut was on blistering form in the Sportsman Class, taking seven of the eight tests and over a minute’s lead on second place Lee Brady.  Henry Harman was the next closest competitor, 22 seconds adrift in third place.  GasGasUK’s John Shirt took the Vets class by storm, with a lead of just under a minute from second place Jamie Jenkins as Anthony Crowe took third in class.

The top three Youth riders were on top form, posting similar times to the Clubman and Expert riders.  Adam James took a comfortable win, 41 seconds in front of second place Sion Hughes, with third place Toby Flack a further one minute 12 seconds adrift.

Adam James

Sunday saw the start of the Fast Eddy Club Championship, with a terrific turnout for the annual Joe Edge Memorial Meeting, where a lap is ridden in tribute to Joe Edge who passed away five years ago. All riders take a slow lap around the course, led by Paul Edmondson, on his 02 KTM Jamie Dobb replica and Joe’s dad, which it is an emotional moment for all who remember Joe. As always, the lap was very well attended.

The track had been prepared and re-watered overnight with the bottom field section removed for Sunday’s race.  The day started with the Youth race, with an auto loop added in.  Bradley Price dominated in the 85 – 150 cc class, completing 13 laps to take the win, followed by Jack Sandland and Morgan Williams on 12 laps.  In the 85 cc Class, Freestyle Husqvarna team rider Endaf Hughes was the clear victor with just under a three-minute lead from second place Rees Jones.  Freestyle teammate Rhydian Rees got off to a good start, taking the hole-shot and riding consistently to take third place.

Jayden Jones did well in the 65 cc class; completing two more laps than second place Will Barnett with Austin Sandford a further two laps down in third place.  Griff Morgan controlled the Auto Class for the win, finishing three minutes in front of second place Harry Jordan with Selbie Crump in third place.

Jed Etchells

A single adult race got underway at 11.30 am with Expert rider Harry Edmondson leading the pack on the first lap.  Sherco Factory rider Jed Etchells challenged Edmondson, the two of them swapping positions at the front, but it was Etchells who took the win with Edmondson a minute behind in second and Cole Cookland a close third.

A two-way battle ensued between brothers Jacob and Adam James in the Clubman 2T, with just a hair’s breadth separating the two, until Jacob James was forced to retire 55 minutes into the race owing to bike problems.  Adam went on to take the win, followed home by Jake Taylor and Carl Thomas.  Some close racing between Archie Collier and Ben Key in the Clubman 4T class saw Collier bag the win just 15 seconds over Key with Ben Martindale a lap down in third. 

Doug Lote put in an extra lap to take the win in the Youth B class, in front of Cory Cookland with third place Sam Hughes, a further lap down.  Dave Withington secured the Sportsman Class victory ahead of Dean Hancox and Hayden Clarke whilst Cai Moore nailed the Novice Class, eight minutes clear of second place Andrew Bowley, followed by Mat Whitehead.

Chris Wagstaff

Chris Wagstaff won the Vets A Class, with Paul Owen and Roger Withington second and third respectively.  Kieran Jordan stormed the Vets B Class, putting in an extra lap on Simon Howden and Phil Oxley.   In the Over 50’s Class, Dave Cooper put in an impressive performance with a seven minute lead on second place Andy Harvey with Adrian Clarke a lap down in third.

Bicton Farm was a terrific venue to start both the British Sprint and Club Championship. Fast Eddy, his crew and Matt the farm owner had worked extremely hard to ensure the venue was at its optimum and were rewarded by relatively good weather and a cracking rider entry, which made for excellent racing.

The ACU British Sprint series moves to Brake Hill Farm, Northants, over the weekend of 13th – 14th April 2019 for rounds two and three whilst the Club Championship will continue at a new venue on the 21st April 2019.

Thanks to Michelin and Rock Oil for their continued support to Fast Eddy Racing and their events.


ACU British Sprint Rd 1


  1. Jack Edmondson
  2. Tom Ellwood
  3. Hamish McDonald


  1. James Palmer
  2. Saul Hirst
  3. George Yardley


  1. Jack Teale
  2. Charlie Chater
  3. Max Ditchfield


  1. Ellie Cooke
  2. Gemma Holtham


  1. Tobias Sammut
  2. Lee Brady
  3. Henry Harman


  1. John Shirt
  2. Jamie Jenkins
  3. Anthony Crowe


  1. Adam James
  2. Sion Hughes
  3. Toby Flack

Fast Eddy Club Championship Round 1 

Youth Race

BW 85 – 150cc

  1. Bradley Price
  2. Jack Sandland
  3. Morgan Williams
Bradley Price

SW 85cc

  1. Endaf Hughes
  2. Rees Jones
  3. Rhydian Rees


  1. Jayden Jones
  2. Will Barnett
  3. Austin Sandford


  1. Griff Morgan
  2. Harry Jordan
  3. Selbie Crump

Adult Race:


1.         Jed Etchells
2.         Harry Edmondson
3.         Cole Cookland

Clubman 2T:

1.         Adam James
2.         Jake Taylor
3.         Carl Thomas

Clubman 4T:

1.         Archie Collier
2.         Ben Key
3.         Ben Martindale

Youth B:

1.         Doug Lote
2.         Cory Cookland
3.         Sam Hughes

Vets A:

1.         Chris Wagstaff
2.         Paul Owen
3.         Roger Withington

Vets B:

1.         Kieran Jordan
2.         Simon Howden
3.         Phil Oxley

Over 50’s:

1.         Dave Cooper
2.         Andy Harvey
3.         Adrian Clarke


1.         Dave Withington
2.         Dean Hancox
3.         Hayden Clarke


1.         Cai Moore
2.         Andrew Bowley
3.         Mat Whitehead